The Club Scene

#1 Grillz, Kisumu [October 2009]

Entrance fee charged. Drinks affordable & ambience and decor fairly OK though The Laughing Buddha next door comes across as more urbane & sophisticated. Interesting place to visit if your intention is to feel the pulse of the city of Kisumu. DJ mix can fall below par but is on the whole entertaining. Unaccompanied females are advised to stay away-the men can be grabby…

Location: Off Oginga Odinga Street [street where most major commercial banks are located]

#2 Mwenda’s, Utalii Street, Nairobi [January 2010]

The club gets pretty interesting during school holidays so if you’re not keen on picking up/being hit on by a minor, stay well away from it during those months. The music is pretty decent & the drinks fairly priced. The crowd is pretty dead on football nights but if you go out to drink that shouldn’t be an issue.

#3 Club Betty’z, Kimathi Street, Nairobi [January 2010]

This place has such retro lighting…and I like retro lighting…put two & two together 🙂 Drinks fairly priced…appeals to the DJ come in handy from time to time. Great place for girls’ night out as men pretty decent…

#4 Spree, Moi Avenue, Nairobi [June 2009/January 2010]

In June of 2009, my friends & I (all U21 at the time) entered sans-hassle… Last month, I learnt of an U23 limit. This is unheard of in this city that I live in. Weekday crowd is dead but great prices on drinks. Don’t go there to dance…the dance floor is too small to mention…


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