Let the men come to you

The young man and his crew step onto the yard and bust moves. They are terrific and intriguing. Understandably, the girls pay attention. Who wouldn’t? And what do men who capture the attention of people also do? They arouse the desire of women… As does the man who leads this crew. One girl, at the end of their performance, looks at the leader with that look of suggestion also sometimes referred to as a ‘come-hither’ look. Well, good on her. The young man declines-he has chosen to abstain-with the aid of a V-for-victory (or is it V-for-virginity?) sign. Good on him, I say. The other girls in the yard laugh at her for having her offer rebuffed by the young (and may I say desirable now?) man . The scene ends with the principal or some such adult in the otherwise teenage situation trying to master the V sign. Scene pans out.

The other girls laugh at her because she desires a guy?? What am I missing here? I believe adverts are a commentary on society and for me this one says two-no, make that three-things. It’s not 1980 any more; women are liberated and feel empowered enough to ask for what they want. Love, sex, magic; they’ll ask for it. Whether or not they’ll get it is another matter.

Also, that it’s OK for young men to say no to the advances of women. As the first thing above so clearly shows, it’s not just men that want to get some. So do women, and they’ll go after the man of their choice. Which man could resist her advances, if he was so inclined. Kudos, young man!

Lastly; the first thing, while true, does not have the approval of society. So you want to go after the man you want (shall I say, the man you find too sexually appealing to resist)? Go after him, why don’t you; just don’t expect us to cheer you on. Harlot. Wait for that man to come after you! Oh, and cue the laughter of your fellow womenfolk here.

May this ad be a lesson to young women of the world & especially those domiciled in the Republic of Kenya. Let the men come to you.