Reinforcing trousers with a smile

I went to Makina Market to see a tailor over lunch hour today.

It was interesting to encounter a lot so keen in specialisation that I walked around the market for a while looking for someone to fix a pair of trousers.

Aside: for a while, I wore Roo’s trousers and absolutely loved a pair…till it tore.

I found him. It would be 100 Bob. I had 105 in hand (cycling has made me quite cash-free) so I sat there and waited for him to be done. (10 minutes, quarter hour, he’d said.*)

He offered me a fruit salad after I was forthright about the 5 Bob I had in my pocket and it came a long while later.


The second sewing machine, my helmet and the fruit salad

This was a lovely surprise. The well spoken tailor and the offer of lunch. The greatest show of his confidence and customer service was his assurance that the trousers would not come apart before they were worn out.

His shop is the KCB Mtaani outlet close to Shop 8. Take your man clothes to him, you might just have as good a time.

*PS: This guy is the quintessential Kenyan. I waited for almost 45 minutes.