Men, pay for my labour

Before I took a hiatus from Twitter about a month ago, I declared that I would be charging men for my labour.

Since then, I’ve had an interesting time talking to men and informing them that there will be no uncompensated banter after a point.

Last week, two things happened:

1. I met up with a friend who asked me if I would go through with erotic labour should a man pay. The answer is yes. He said that it might not look like it but some man would pay and to be prepared. I await that moment with enthusiasm.
2. I had a friend over and she said I should start a blog chronicling this (mis)adventure. Nothing like a holiday to get one energised; find the blog here.

Credit for its title goes to @viru5detected, a smart, interesting, amazing friend whose Telegram channel I absolutely love.
Let’s see how this adventure goes!


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