Off for the weekend

I haven’t camped since June last year and this week, this situation will be rectified with Roo and our friend W.

This will mark the second hike/ trip I make this year, the first being a Valentine’s hike with a group of people I like. Thanks to that trip, I was able to reconnect with a person I had, in the words of one of my cousins, ‘cancelled’ and it feels good to have a friend back. I should write about it over at the neglected travel blog but you know how these things accumulate. Short version: We went to Ol Donyo Sabuk…talk to me for details.

I may not write tomorrow because the connection can be sketchy in some parks. If I don’t, you’ll get a double bill of #CuminWrites366 on Sunday. Brace yourselves!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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