#2016Books Update 8

Poetry is still a hard read for me. Not so much HARD as difficult to go through. Combined with a poetry chain in my inbox, it’s been a poetry-filled week. Related: If you know where I can get Kwesi Brew’s poetry, please email me or tell me in the comments section. A poem of his I loved as a child, I think it was called The Flower and the Fragrance, has been eating at me. I can’t seem to find it online and that poetry challenge is making it hard to go away.

Almost 100 words to say I haven’t finished Akello yet even though I embarked on Julia Alvarez’ In the Time of the Butterflies during that time. It starts slow but it’s picked up and I’m thoroughly enjoying it now that I’ve got to the heart of it. It helps that reading is grouped under self care for me and I have found that putting books aside (Alvarez is a case in point) gives me a chance to see it with fresh eyes.

I foresee that the books I’ve started will be finished this week; and more started. Goodreads has nothing on me and yes, I should start reading in Spanish.

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