Seeking fluoxetine

I went for review today and asked to be put on an anti-depressant because, well, dark days. The doctor prescribed fluoxetine, which you may have heard of as Deprozet, or Prozac. Fun.

Here’s the catch: Mathari is out of the drug. The doctor I spoke to said they’d have it within a month (a month!). I spoke to a mother whose daughter had been put on the drug and she was visibly distressed that she wasn’t able to get it.

And this: it is expensive outside the hospital. At its cheapest, one would have to fork out KSh 30 a tablet. At the hospital, it’s sold at KSh 12 apiece. The shortest period one would be put on the drug is 14 days but if every shilling counts, this is a large sum.

And yours truly? 30 days I’m expected to take the drug. I went to the chemist close to my regular workspace and asked if they have it. “It’s a controlled drug,” the chemist was quick to inform me, “You need a prescription for that.” And this: that they do not have it, to check down the road.

So the search continues. Let’s see if it can be found and how much I shall have to take out of my pocket to get it.


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