Goal: #52FilmsByWomen

I signed a pledge to watch at least 52 films by women before the year is out. Like the books, a part of me thought I wouldn’t be able to do it in good time but then, strangely, I keep finding them.

There’s Roo, who created a profile for me on Netflix so that I can watch some of them there (FYI, not all the films mentioned here are available to stream). There’s SSS, my best friend these >10 years, at whose house I stumbled upon Clueless, which recently turned 20. And there’s myfrenchfilmfestival.com, which led me to this delightful gem when I went to Alliance Francaise Nairobi to watch a film by Lightbox Africa. Most important for me has been the community that is Twitter, where folks are happy to share the films they have enjoyed.

I’ve watched 5 so far so I might just get to 52 by the end of the year. I live in a country with a number of female film-makers so my job may be easier than that of some. I love film and women, so I couldn’t ask for a more exciting challenge. Join me, if you can, and the community of people across the world who are challenging what it means to take in films.


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