Your New Year Resolutions Are Doomed To Fail. Here’s Why.

A guest post by Barbara

It’s been more than a fortnight now since the New Year arrived and we were once again plagued with thoughts of the goals we’d like to accomplish this year (dear Jesus let me accomplish just one thing on this list). And once again, sadly but surely, we are doomed to fall into the rut of trying, failing, trying, failing and then finally resigning ourselves to failure.  

Come on. You know who you are.

The reason why our New Year Resolutions always fail is quite simple. They’re made in the New Year. Why, pray thee, must you wait 365 days to decide what changes you ought to be making in your life? Why, pray thee, do you somehow believe that the power of a fresh year is all you need to propel you into achievement? Sure, it helps to have a clean slate, but if a clean slate is all we have, then folks, we don’t have much. It’s like expecting Ernest Hemingway to channel through your fingers simply because you have a pencil and a blank sheet of paper in front of you.

Now, let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. It is helpful to have that pencil and the blank sheet of paper. Now all that remains to happen is as simple as it is arduous:

Do the work.

Want to lose weight and get ripped? Do the work.

Want to learn something new and dominate the class? Do the work.

Want to be a success and be a real boss? …

Expect to sweat, plan to lose sleep and prepare to flex your muscles. Make a do-able plan and actually DO IT. Every. Single. Day.

Note: I asked folks on Twitter & Facebook to contribute to the cause that is #CuminWrites366. Barbara is the first contributor to be published; here’s to many more and Thank You Barbara!


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