Another Round

If you remember, I once wrote about the paucity of podcasts by people of colour. Michael Onsando led me down that path and it may have been the catalyst for the discovery of Another Round.

This podcast features two black women talking about life, love, politics and everything in between. I love their banter and once one listens to them, they feel like old friends.

This year may just be the one in which I listen to a number of podcasts made by non-White people. Yesterday, as I listened to a White man talk about revolts in Haiti, I was hit strongly by the feeling that Michael elicited in me that day: Where are the Black people in my podcasts, where are the African people, where are the Asians?

Over to you, wonderful readers! Share your favourite podcasts from PoC 🙂

(Yes, folks, I know I’ve asked before but… Indulge me.)


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