Old Girl

This week, I have been at two meetings where there has been more than one old girl of the high school I attended. Both these meetings have been focused on giving back to society in measurable ways.

Today, I was asked by a lady who had just discovered we went to the same school how it was we don’t have a similar programme at our school. The programme in question is one that brings together people willing to spend a day with secondary school students being supported by a certain scholarship fund. These people are expected to mentor the students and help them navigate high school.

I’ve never been to an alumni meeting (judge me now) yet I am passionate about education, social justice and solidarity among women. What keeps me from doing something similar at the school I attended? What would tempt me to go back?

I have no idea yet but if you take part in alumni activities or if you’ve been wondering how to go about it, please get in touch in the comment section or via email: cuminwrites@gmail.com.


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