Toa ndugu, Toa dada

On Tuesday, I walked in town after I saw my psychiatrist (story for another day) and contemplated the conversation we’d had and what it meant for the rest of the day – and my life. as I said, conversation for another day.

I walked past a blood donation truck at the Moi Avenue end of Biashara Street and asked myself when last I had given blood. For a number of reasons,mostly those of a lady-like nature, I have not been in a position to donate in a while. On Tuesday, I could and I did.

I met a guy in the truck as he prepared to donate and we talked about this entire exercise. He was a newb and this old hand was keen to give him her expert Pro Tips. We ended up donating at around the same time and the feeling of the rubber ball in my hand gave me a strange sense of exhilaration.

One sees requests for blood on Twitter and Facebook and donating blood made me wonder how these would go down if donation was a regular thing for all of us. What is there were such trucks at every street corner every day? Would it spur you to give blood on a regular basis? Let me know in the comment section!


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