Load shedding

Reading this blog got me thinking about this life thing yesterday. The author is a person I greatly respect and it was a chance to see some of the ways she arrived at the place she is at now.

It made me think about my life on a very physical level: I walk around with a lot of baggage everyday. No, no, hear me out, I’m not trying to unleash a tearjerker on you. Every day, I walk about with at least 2 books (only one of which I’ll realistically read if I’m not reading articles and books on my phone) more than one notebook, wallets (!), my pencil case (which usually has another notebook in it, along with a regular and mechanical pencil), my netbook and its charger &c &c.

It takes a toll on one’s body and mind and if I think about it on a higher level – stay with me – it’s probably emblematic of the way I’m going through life. Aching shoulders, asking myself why on earth I am carrying all these things and doing it all again the next day.

An audit may be what one needs, and to figure out what things to let go of. Even if it’s going down to one notebook.


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