#2016Books Update 2

I finished Bel Canto last week (1/50 💃) and the review will be up on Goodreads before the week is out. Struggling through the Spanish book led me to double down on my study and move slowly through it. Taty Went West was essentially abandoned in that time.

For a host of reasons, it needs to be finished. However, for the same reasons, I need to take notes and think very deeply about it as I read. Some of it, to be honest, is because I’m trying not to be a bookworm who doesn’t burrow.

That makes Taty a bad fit for bus and train reading so I put Orhan Pamuk’s My Name is Red in my bag today. I haven’t yet started on it (that will happen today evening) but my friend Trish sings its praises and I think I’ll be in for a good ride.

Speaking of rides, I intend to start cycling more this year and I am curious to see how that will affect my reading. I start cycling regularly (again) tomorrow and I’ll let you know what effect it has.

As with last week, I’ll update this post with reviews of the books I introduce here.

Keep reading!


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