Anthropological tour

I went to church today.

I haven’t been to church since I was 18 with the exception of weddings, funerals and christenings. I went along with my friend today to see what has changed while I was away.

The church in question was a Pentecostal one with the requisite loud music and the keyboard player. It wasn’t the setup that was a surprise; it was the flow of events.

I used to attend an Anglican church and I come from a clock – watching tradition. Here, anything goes for as long as the spirit moves one. This meant that the 1100-1300 service didn’t end till about 1400. At 1315, I’d reached breaking point and left the room.

It felt like I had gone visiting a group I once knew well. Believers, sharers of testimony, a small church community. The loud preaching, token misogyny and talk of demons caught me flat-footed and I was astounded by how unfazed the congregation was.

I have been thinking about doing things that make one uncomfortable or leave one confused. This did both for me and I imagine I’ll still have much to say and feel about it in the days ahead.


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