Spanish Update #1

Remember how I said the goal was to read 5 Spanish books in this post? Well, I’m reading the first now (Charlotte’s Web in Spanish) and it’s proving to be a hard slog for someone who thinks of themselves as a fast reader.

Friends are helping me along this journey. I got the book I’m currently reading from Laila who is on a similar journey and it was a pleasure to know I’d embark on this with one of my favourite children’s books in translation. She also lent me a YA novel and one by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. One for every stage 💃

I’ve had a small pile of books that I got in the streets of Nairobi or as gifts for a while now but reading things online has been a bit of a battle (I leave El País for the BBC really fast) so far.

Enter Roo. Today, this wonderful person sent me a link to Readlang and I just started using it. Friends, this is what I did not know I needed…and I love it! I read a lot of things online so it’s great to take in content and learn Spanish.

As the youth say, this year will be lit!


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