Talking trash

There is a pile of rubbish about 5 minutes from my residence. Unsightly on any day but we have all come to accept that the local drug users will hang out there and a few people will make a living from collecting trash.

This holiday period has seen the pile grow to epic proportions. Half of the road has been taken up by trash and it’s been smelling to high heaven.

Something strange happened today.

The NYS swooped in and cleaned the place up without warning. We left our houses and lo and behold, there was a truck with trash in it and a vehicle scooping trash into it. My mom and I had met NYS corpsmen on our way to the market and wondered why they were there; now we knew.

New Year’s Eve cleanup, that’s what it is. I am disgusted by the fact that the trash had reached that point, that there are a bunch of young people who are decked out in t-shirts from a previous such activity.

We pay taxes, we vote in a county government that cannot be bothered to keep our public spaces clean. Then our taxes are spent to bring in young people to do a job that has been neglected for months.

The New Year is less than 12 hours away. I hope to be able to speak clearly about these issues and to work towards the world I want to see in the year ahead.

Here’s to a transformative New Year.


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