A tale of two parks

I thought we’d have a picnic today at the Nairobi National Museum grounds. It had rained in the morning so we’d stayed in and as we left the house, we decided to go to Uhuru Park instead.

As did half of Nairobi.

We ploughed through crowds of people and what would have been a short walk proved to be something close to an odyssey.

I exaggerate.

There were all sorts of enterprising individuals about painting faces, keeping play areas working, inflating balloons. Each family comes with a child or two – sometimes four – so the number of people they were serving was massive. There were also a number of couples strolling about and they were loath to be separated; slow trudging for the rest of us. My Mum made an interesting observation about the children we saw: the girls were in bright clothes while the boys had interesting haircuts and dyed hair.

We crossed the road and went to Central Park, figuring the Uhuru Park crowd would have spared it. There was a crush of people at the Kenyatta Avenue entrance but once we were clear of the Nyayo Monument, there was lots of space.

We found a spot close to a jacaranda that still had some flowers on it and enjoyed our fruit and drinks under a tree. So another holiday was spent outdoors.

Merry Christmas!


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