The end of the road

Yesterday evening, I went to the Dust Depot at the Railways Museum for what I hope will become a regular holiday party.

Patrick Mukabi has been based there for the last 9 months and this was an open house to introduce the space to the world. At least, it felt like that to Yours Truly.

If you’re familiar with his style, you’ll see a lot of it in the space alongside recent, experimental, work.

An artist who signs her work as Kezier – yes, her name is Keziah – was on hand as she too works in the space. Her charcoal art is what first drew me to her and it was great to see her and her new pieces some of which now feature chalk and acrylic.

The new artist of the night who really struck me is Clavers. He has an exhibition in February of 2016 and it is a thing to look forward to next year.

The space is open to those keen on painting away from their homes. The young children at the party who had taken advantage of this may grow up to be great artists and some of them are already pretty savvy marketers of their work.

Away from the art: I went to the Dust Depot with Laila, her friend, her friend’s son and we met up with Roo there. The child among us is as old as the space and it was a joy to walk about with him and see how intriguing it all was through his eyes. There was quite a community feel to it as we passed him around and it felt like going to a family Christmas party where you like a lot of the people.

To wrap this up, I’d like to say thank you to the lovely family which told Roo & I about the party. Thanks to you, a new arrival to the city (Laila’s friend) was able to start plugging into Nairobi’s art scene and we all had a fantastic time.

Check out the Dust Depot art space soon if you can. It’s quite something.

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