The man in the wall

Checking out Paul Onditi’s work (titled Helter-Skelter and showing till the 17th of January) at The Art Space is quite the experience.

(Before I go on, a small note on The Art Space: it’s in the same compound as Kwani?. Take the turn that would lead you to the University of Nairobi’s Chiromo Campus and it’s the first gate on your left.)

There is a man in a hat who is featured in each of the pieces exhibited. The paintings weave a tale of his life and some have an effect I can only call psychedelic.

Sometimes when I see art, I can be enraptured by a painting, a carving, a sculpture. This time, I really can’t name one that blew my mind; that’s how brilliant the entire set is. See it if you can.

(Another note on The Art Space: its loos are spacious, glorious places. You’ll find out how when you go there; if you haven’t been already.)

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