An artistic take on crafts

There’s an exhibition going on at Alliance Francaise right now about Kenya’s crafts – Crafting Kenya, A photographic journey of Kenya’s Crafts by Wanja Laiboni and Anthony Bourrasseau.

Fun facts: in the Woodwork section, I found out the difference between Kamba and Coastal styles (Bajun and Bengal, if you’re curious) and how issues of policy have influenced the textile sector (hint:Mali Ya Abdullah features here). If you like baskets, lessos, craft of any sort, there’ll be interesting discoveries.

I am curious about whether the businesses profiled pitched for the honour (it’s not keeping me up at night) or if it was just a product of the project. The photos are beautifully shot and were quite an experience.

My highlight was bead work that is an elaborate bead and embroidery curtain featuring dancing girls, chatting lads, dogs, flowers and a fantastic universe that can hang in your residence.

It’s on for a while; check it out.

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