Truth for Fame

Women accuse famous men of rape so that they can get attention and fame.

How laughable.

How ridiculous when you consider all the people who fail to line up behind you when you speak. How hurtful when you remember all the people who work to silence you. How disrespectful when you remember that you were not believed.

Therefore how courageous does a person have to be to speak the truth into a world that is not arranged for their comfort and safety? How daring, how afraid even in that display?

For them to have been told, “Remember what this country is like. Remember who/whose son he is,” and yet speak.

No one is speaking the truth about rape for fame. But god, how I wish I could speak too. More power to them.

Note: This post is part of #CuminWrites366, my year-long attempt to write a post a day. Find the rest over at

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