Half of a quarter of an orange

An orange is a fruit.
A half of a quarter of a fruit is a fruit.

Half a day with a child you love is like a lifetime of joy. Even when that child is 20 but continues to feel like a little one, still.

This week has been so good. African Futures was a delight, the education reading group meeting was full of amazing people and on Friday I was in a room with people I loved as I launched my company’s website (because, why not?).

So the question, asked in The Joker’s voice, is “Why so sad, son?”. Especially as I had such an interesting day today surely I could tap into that.

Let me think about one of today’s highlights to raise my spirits & I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Have a lovely week!

Note: This post is part of #CuminWrites366, my year-long attempt to write a post a day. Find the rest over at readability.com/cuminwrites/

Questions, comments, suggestions or thoughts on sadness? Send them to cuminwrites@gmail.com 🙂


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