I pulled out two drawers and my world shook

Wambui Kamiru’s ‘Your Name Betrays You’ closes on Sunday at Kuona Art Centre.

Today, I cycled out there over lunch with Roo. That’s the longest I have cycled in a while so it was good to have company (and someone to remind me to switch on Strava) as I went that way from the office.

The setup is really simple with images being projected, cards posted on the wall and seats. There are a few books and those give context to the cards on display.

This exhibition hit me in the gut. The things Kenyans say about each other, the things foreigners say (and have said) about Kenyans. Colonial images of people commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

It was jarring to open drawers (one for each tribe represented in my names) and see the things that remain unspoken. Even more to see things I have heard said about people I love on display.

And the memories from the first Kenya Burning exhibition as Roo checked out the coffee table book. The juxtaposition of some of the images, the depths to which we sunk, to which we still might.

Catch it if you can, every so often one needs a good shake. This is one of those.

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