Silent cabbies and the passenger’s gaze

Roo and I went to see In The Driver’s Seat at Shifteye Gallery yesterday over lunch. I am a big fan of Easy Taxi (& its vouchers 😁) so I was keen to see this exhibition.

Reader, I was underwhelmed.

Wait, it doesn’t count as a review if you say one thing.

Take 2:

The photos (shot by Louis Nderi) were great on the composition end. Well hung, as pieces generally are at the gallery, and interesting shots of drivers.

It didn’t feel like I got the thing on the box. The messaging had promised a look at the lives of drivers and the things they get up to when passengers are not around. These men (and a woman) were nameless faces without captions to clue us in on their stories.

You know what it felt like? Visiting someone’s house in the 90s and going through their albums in their absence.

Nice shots, not much by way of story. Go for the pictures.


2 thoughts on “Silent cabbies and the passenger’s gaze

  1. Okal Otieno says:

    I know what you mean. The show might as well have been titled “Good Photographs of Random Humans”, for all it said. I got the sense that it was EasyTaxi’s way of saying, “We aren’t Uber. We support the arts.” Which is a bit unfair, because they’ve been at artsy things before, but it felt oddly self-indulgent (of EasyTaxi, not Louis).

    • Wanjirusardóttir says:

      Ha! I hadn’t thought of that, the Uber vs Easy Taxi element. Can’t add a thing to your comment.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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