Oh yes my lovelies……….I am back!

I fell sick on the night of the 10th but was sufficiently recovered yesterday to go to school so yay!! The last time I was that sick was a long time ago. Throwing up. Then the drama that is trying to get treatment in a public institution in this country that I love so much. Turns out this girl has malaria….so I have to get on some treatment that promises to cure me 🙂 Positive attitude……………I have good friends, I do………….especially the ones who were there when I was throwing up into the toilet basin and all I could think of was all those things I am yet to achieve.

Person X and I had a long and ridiculous arguement  about schools and school pride and on and on………..I was sticking up for (get this) the high school I want my brother to attend and he for his. The high school I attended is very much like the one I would like my brother to attend. Old, full of traditions that can drive you nuts, hard not to love, respected, a legacy to pass to your daughters………………….an African version of a prep school. And person X did not attend such a school. So after I had said all these wondrous things, he said the same things could be said about his school. And we had a useless conversation that I wrapped up by telling him I was sorry I had upset him. Just so the feeling would go away.

When did I become this woman-person that does not stick up for her beliefs? I now understand why Ivy Leaguers want to date fellow Ivy grads. They are from the same tradition! These class distinctions we see in the world are a means of self-preservation. Imagine having a fight with your spouse over cutlery. How weird…….right? Wrong! How like something that would happen if you were from different worlds. And here is the catch; with the exception of my prep school, we have had almost identical lives – how do we explain that fall out?

And so lessons learnt from the sickness and from my argument with X:

I have had my Aha! moment …………. puking into a toilet bowl. And Oprah’ll interview me for me to tell her 😉

X and I don’t have school tradition in common………is that something I can overlook?


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